Our proven system will put your finances on the path to success.
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You are successful when you can replace earned income with income from saved money, at a time of your choosing, with no reduction in your lifestyle.

Professional Financial Strategies can make any dentist, physician, or veterinarian successful through our unique planning process based on our proven success metrics. As a Fee-Only Firm, Professional Financial Strategies is able to provide unbiased financial and business planning that is free from the influence of financial product sales. Professional Financial Strategies has a proven system that can put you on the path to financial freedom, allowing you to replace your earned income with income from your savings, at a time of your choosing, without sacrificing your lifestyle. In addition to proven expertise in the financial advisory services, PFS is recognized as a leader in the field of dental practice transitions.
With over 300 dental practice transitions under our belt, Professional Financial Strategies is recognized as a leader in the field.
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“PFS is a wonderful consulting company! They have gone above and beyond my expectations and have provided some of the best advice and guidance I have ever received. I am thoroughly impressed and would highly recommended them to my peers. They are competent, reassuring about various areas I may have had questions regarding the office and are always available for consultation. They are the best!”

—Kara Czarkowski, DDS
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Jim and his business partner Allen are trusted financial and legal consultants who have assisted hundreds of dentists, physicians, and veterinarians find success.
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