The Five Greatest Threats to Dentistry

A Pace Approved Academy of General Dentistry Continuing Education Provider Course

Are you looking for a continuing education class that applies to every private practice dentist who will attend your event?

Our team at PFS has recently developed the timely class, The Five Greatest Threats to Dentistry, and we’re offering it at no cost to you.

As a Pace-Approved Academy of General Dentistry continuing education provider with decades of experience providing dentists from all backgrounds successful strategies for growing their practice and their portfolio, we’ve identified the most pressing issues that have plagued the private practice dentist over the past decade.

The five primary topics of discussion covered in the course include:

  • Rise of corporate dentistry

  • Growth of 3rd party payers and how those affect your autonomy

  • Threat of mid-level providers and the impact on your practice

  • Rise of tuition costs and associated debt

  • Dentist overpopulation

We will also spend time discussing hidden threats that we have identified that could doom your practice—and what the private practice dentists can do about it.

Approved PACE Program Provider
Approval does not imply acceptance
by a state or provincial board of
dentistry or AGD endorsement
5/1/2017 to 4/30/2019
Provider ID# 373802

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“PFS is a wonderful consulting company! They have gone above and beyond my expectations and have provided some of the best advice and guidance I have ever received. I am thoroughly impressed and would highly recommended them to my peers. They are competent, reassuring about various areas I may have had questions regarding the office and are always available for consultation. They are the best!”

—Kara Czarkowski, DDS
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